Microsoft is American technological service and product based company to give the top notch to the user. As Billions of people are using the services so that they encountered issues and issues get solved by Microsoft tech support team.  


  • Users having the issues related to the updating of the operating system whether it is Windows 8 or the Windows 10 and this can be solved with providing the outstanding solution to the user so that the error can be solved  


  • User having the point of departure that causes the user hassle when the adapter of the system or the computer gets affected and cannot the charge the system with ease and the charging process does not take place and this is solved by visiting the website 


  • User having the hindrance while recovery process in which lost data cannot get recovered and the processing makes contention as the important credentials of the user is not able to recover them 


  • A user having the glitch while using the preloaded applications such as the Cortana which is the new application launched by the Windows operating system and this helps the user for finding anything g through this app. The application error can be solved by the Microsoft technical support team so that the best and efficient solution can be provided within span of time 


  • When user cannot find the hard drive in the computer and the other folders that are preloaded in the systems and this leads to the worriment to the user for storing the data files and the audio as well as the video file s and cannot play the video by inserting the disc in it 


  • The predicament that the synchronization not taking place as the updating of the system is not able to take place and the help related to the scrape can be solved only when user visit my website can be made simple as step by step process is available and the customer support with highly skilled support Microsoft customer support team  gives the solution to the user so that the synchronization method is provided on the website 


Thus, having the errors and the omissions while working with the Microsoft services and the products either having a quandary with the hardware of the Microsoft such as the keyboard, mouse, and the monitor and the connection wire, adapter and the battery of the system or the computer. The Microsoft support helps the user to solve the issue related to any of these and also gives the solution to the user related to the software 


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